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SCRHP-001: The Shannahan Cabin

Shannahan Cabin.jpg

John Shannahan began construction of his cabin in 1885, in the Mount Forest District, just outside Monroe. The Shannahan Cabin is a representation of Snohomish County’s pioneer heritage and is one of the only remaining intact pioneer cabins in the county that is accessible to the general public.  It possesses an important association with the history of an early pioneer family, the Shannahans, and with early pioneer engineering, architecture and lifeways. Blanche Shannahan, one of the daughters settled in Monroe and had her childhood cabin moved to the Monroe area before donating it to the Evergreen State Fairgrounds as a public exhibit and educational display. Read the official nomination for more information.

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Riverside Community Club

Riverside Community Club


 The Riverside Community Club property is associated with rural schools and the development of rural school districts and the formation of community clubs or granges. The Riverside Community Club represents or exemplifies aspects of the social, cultural and political history of Snohomish County as it represents several aspects of early Snohomish County rural life including early schools and community clubs or granges. The evolution of the Riverside Community Club from a local school to a community club is representative of the development of a small community. Rural schools along with churches and granges were often the center of rural life and celebrations. Located on its original building site, this 108-year-old schoolhouse represents the cultural development of our rural community, as residential areas were built upon logged-off wilderness. It served its original purpose from 1911 to 1939, and has since been preserved in original form and good condition for an additional 80 years, serving as a community meeting and gathering place.

Read the official nomination for more information.