The Snohomish County Register of Historic Places

The Snohomish County Historic Preservation Commission manages the Register of Historic Places in the county. To be eligible for the register, the property must meet the following criteria.

  • The property shall be at least 50 years, or, in the event exceptional historical significance has been determined by the commission, at least 40 years

  • The property is significant and represents an important association with the history, architecture, archaeology, engineering, or cultural heritage of the county

  • The historical integrity of location, design, materials, and/or workmanship reflects the history of Snohomish County

Benefits to registering your historic property

  • Grant applications intended for capital building improvements of historic buildings will receive preference for funding if the applicant has already applied for inclusion to the Snohomish County Register of Historic Places.

  • A beautiful plaque to display on your property

  • Special tax considerations

  • Advise and guidance on restoration from historic preservation professionals and other relevant experts.