The Archaeology of Snohomish County is IRREPLACEABLE

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The archaeology of Snohomish County is distinctive in the state of Washington.  Snohomish County has a high proportion of Olcott archaeological site which are thought to date to between 8,000 and 11,000 years ago.   The archaeological sites are the remnants of occupations of precontact peoples on high landforms above the floodplain on river terraces, along rivers and on ancient river levees.   In addition, Snohomish County is rich in early settler and pioneer archaeological sites, historical mining sites, and archaeological remains from the historical timber industry.

Archaeological sites are a unique window into our county’s past.  No two are alike and each archaeological site contains information about our past activities, populations, and environments.  These resources are irreplaceable and once removed or damaged can never be replaced.

Washington State laws protect archaeological resources on both public and private lands while Snohomish County Codes focus on identification and preservation of archaeological sites prior to and during the development review process.

For more information about archaeological resources in Snohomish County please click on the links below or contact Gretchen Kaehler, Snohomish County Archaeologist 425-388-3432, or email

For more information about Snohomish County Ordinances concerning historic resources and archaeology please see link below.


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Snohomish County archaeology ordinances can be found here

Washington State archaeology laws can be found here

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